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 Wenzfoxhund Ivan Delaware (aka Glont)

Titles: International Champion, Serbia& Romania Champion, France Working Champion

Glont winning CAC & rCACIB in Cluj Napoca 2014

Glont winning CAC in French Championship 2016


Here winning 2 x JCAC and 1x BOB (over 4 champions!) in Nitra, Slovakia, 2013.

in France



C.I.B., R &Pl Ch, 4 CACIB

Perro vd Bismarckquelle

Int Ch, D&GB Ch

Sonorra Super Trooper

Am&Eng Ch Saredon Take That
Sonorra Snapdragon
Int Ch, B&D Ch

Pelia vd Bismarckquelle

Int CH, Dk&DCh Mondo vd Bismarckquelle
Wanetta vd Bismarckquelle
Wenzfoxhund III Vicky RJ Ch

Farell Star Franke

Cz &Sk JCh Travella Sporting Chance
Kora Star Franke
Wenzfoxhund III Bamby RCh Chelines Play-Boy
Wenzfoxhund Tinti